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"Our data modelling enables insights that measure the value added, and we can prove it."

Paris Bisley | Director and Financial Adviser

"Don't let short term distractions pull you away from your long term objectives."

Will Hurst | Director and Financial Adviser

"The most difficult part is getting started, making the appointment with the adviser, meeting them, building that trust and then going to the next step."

Daniella Roovers | Financial Adviser

"Time is of the essence, it's about doing the little things, little increments over ten, fifteen, twenty years can have a huge, a significant effect on the end result."

Troy Gudgeon | Financial Adviser

The Expert Wealth Difference

Expert Financial Advisor

Expert Wealth began with the simple concept. The value of our help, must be significantly greater than the cost.

Expert Wealth is a collective of likeminded, award winning, financial advisers who all have ownership in their clients success. Combining over 50 years of experience to create a financial services company that helps clients achieve data backed results. Collaborating with Accountants and clients direct, the Expert Wealth team better manages data, reducing fee layering to deliver tangible results.​

How do we achieve this? Proprietary systems, market leading technology and digital delivery drive down the cost of advice. Our data modelling enables insights that measure the value added, and we can prove it. If the value added is not significantly greater than the cost, there is no cost. That is our wealth promise.

The Expert Wealth Ethos

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means your 'reason for being' and we couldn't agree more with this concept. Finding meaning in our lives and dedicating our focus to personal happiness. Our objective is to focus on removing those financial pain points that could prevent you from reaching your Ikigai.

The Expert Wealth Team

Paris Bisley
Paris Bisley Director and Financial Adviser
William Hurst
William Hurst Director and Financial Adviser
Daniella Roovers
Daniella Roovers Financial Adviser
Troy Gudgeon
Troy Gudgeon Financial Adviser
Vasmita Nathu
Vasmita Nathu Client Operations Manager
Mamta Pandey
Mamta Pandey Paraplanner
Clinton Hatcher
Clinton Hatcher Digital Innovation Manager
Ketan Umaraliya
Ketan Umaraliya Paraplanner
Expert Financial Advisor

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